About the Main Window

When PMB Portable starts up, thumbnails of movies and still images are displayed in the main window.


(1) Select movies or still images to display as thumbnails.
Movies and still images to which you have put a Sharemark in the camera are already checked with a icon mark. Only the movies and still images you have put Sharemarks in the camera can be displayed by using the pull-down menu.
(2) Put checks to all movies and still images.
(3) Remove checks from all movies and still images.
(4) Clicking this after selecting movies and still images displays the previews.
(5) Sliding icon changes the size of thumbnails.
(6) Connects to media services.
Which media services are displayed by default depends on the countries/regions you are in.
(7) Displays the help window that explains how to use media services.
(8) Adds and changes the settings of the media services.
(9) Saves the videos and still images to your computer.