Image Data Converter Online Guide

This website describes the Image Data Converter's convenient functions and provides notes on using features of the software that are not included in the “Image Data Converter Guide” supplied with the software. For more advanced uses of the software, see this “Image Data Converter Online Guide,” in addition to the “Image Data Converter Guide.”

For more advanced uses of the Image Data Converter
Convenient functions and how to use the Image Data Converter are described below.

Changing the Working Environment

arrow_icon Registering an external program

arrow_icon Changing the color management settings

Changing the Window Display of the View Mode

arrow_icon Changing the window layout

arrow_icon Displaying a grid

arrow_icon Showing or hiding the information palettes

Editing an Image

arrow_icon Changing the color space for display

arrow_icon Saving and loading the image processing settings

arrow_icon Editing and saving multiple images

arrow_icon Using an external program to edit an image

Printing an Image

arrow_icon Changing the print settings

arrow_icon Printing an image

arrow_icon Printing index images

Saving an Image

arrow_icon You can save the edited image as a JPEG or TIFF file

arrow_icon Correcting the inclination of an image before saving it